dorshi42088 It’s My Party & I’ll Dorshi If I Want To


We cater formal, off-beat, early, late, inside and outside events of all sizes.

Depending on what you require, we can provide anything from a relaxed (delivery only) service or a more formal (full wait staff) service.

For bigger events, we will happily install our bespoke hessian & wood-clad stand OR our bespoke Dorshi trailer. 

Here are just some events we do 

* birthdays

* tea parties

* luncheons

* dinner parties

* hen do’s

* stag do’s

* weddings

* engagements

* divorce parties

* corporate lunches

* christmas parties

* family picnics

* brunches

* quinceañera

gallery openings

* house warmings

* exhibitions

* and anything else we couldn’t think of! 


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