Dorshi: Serving Salad Love Local

In our mobile kitchen, everything is freshly sourced then freshly made.

Our meats, smoked seafood and seasonal veg is locally sourced within Dorset and we endeavour to buy British where possible (now looking for British Nori!)

Our main suppliers include:

  • Trill Farm
  • Framptons Butchers
  • Samways Fish
  • Capreoulus Fine Foods
  • Jaxsons Deli
  • Washingpool Farm
  • Fussels
  • Maddocks Organic Farm
  • Chesil Smokery
  • Comins Tea House


The Perfect Sidekick

We make a number of sauces and dressings to accompany the Anglo-Asian eating experience. These include:


Horseradish Mayo

Damson Hoisin

Green-Chilli Mayo

Beetroot & Onion Relish


No-soy Soy