Dorshi_Knife-divider_Black True Story

Chapter 1

Back in 2011 Radhika couldn’t find a decent sushi bar in West Dorset. Sick of her whinging, Jolly suggested they make their own. With much expense and limited knowledge, the best sushi ever was made in Bridport, Dorset But then Jolly, with a flick of his hair turned to Radhika as if he was about to have a Eureka moment.

“What about ONLY using local produce? Nothing shipped or flown in, everything within Dorset? You know totally Dorset..we could call it Dushi!”

So while the name remained debatable, the task was set to learn, hunt & forage for the best of the best Dorset had to offer. And they found it. Nettle leaves, pearl barley, dorset cured meats, fish and vegetables (sometimes plucked from friend’s gardens). Accidentally on purpose, they discovered they had something gorgeous, delicious and ridiculously healthy on their kitchen counter. Which was when they asked themselves “Now What?” To which they answered “Pop-Up Party. Naturally. It’s how they get folks in the city.” Which turns out also works very well out in the sticks. And so the people came and ate and asked lots of questions like, “do you cater?” (yes) “Do you buy nettles?” (no). And said nice things like “mmm, good” One such customer said,

“It’s simply perfect. You know not only is it just beautiful to look at but it just tastes yummy. Simple yet elegant food. Easy for everybody” – (Humphrey S. local food eater)

The out-pouring of exclamations pushed Jolly & Radhika to step out into local markets, festivals, do other (paid!) private events and boldly step out into the big beefy world of CATERING. Armed with bold ingredients and nostalgic recipes from their time spent in Asia, the duo set about recreating the humble, delicately balanced flavours of the East. Flour in the hair and furrow in the brow brought delightful concoctions of organic pork and blue vinney dumplings, colourful pearl barley salads and soul-restoring broths With their respective partner’s support, a whole bunch of eagerness and a county full of great food, the two celebrated with some wine, high-fived and went feet-first into the Dorshi business.

Next time on Dorshi: True Story …

Will our two unlikely heroes find fame fortune funding?!?

How DID they come up with such an original name?

And why does horseradish make you cry?

All this and more as the Dorshi adventure continues.


Chapter 2

When we last met our dynamic duo, they were off into the big bright world of Hollyfood armed with ambitious ideas and firm beliefs.

Which is still the case! And making lots of food friends in the process!

A few things have changed though. The pearl barley maki sushi was shelved for private events and pop-ups. But out came a whole host of other East Asian inspired street eats. The main bag being DUMPLINGS. Luscious, moist, crispy moorish dumplings. Filled with everything from black pudding to blue vinney.

And folk grew curious, then rapturous and soon returned for more.  Whether they were people on the streets, unwashed at festivals or coming for a bite after work; the comments started to grow.

One particular customer, befuddled at first, converted after said,

“Suprisingly nice!” (Art.P local market trawler)


And with their dumplings, sauces, pearl barley salads, they found an even wider audience from Bridport to Bristol, before the bright lights of London called them. The British Street Food Awards 2013! What the fish?! But our duo played it cool. Calm & collected they boldly went where many other traders before them had gone. And with much success! Coming 2nd in the People’s Choice Award, a feat that left them looking elegantly gawkward.

Growing in confidence and flexing their culinary dexterity to such dizzying heights meant growing the empire. R & J finally made stage 2 of their 5 step plan come true: get a shepherd’s hut. Which they had every intention of converting into a travelling kitchen. But they didn’t buy a shepherd’s hut. Instead they happened upon an original British Coleman’s trailer. An unusual little contraption that neither had heard of but was most intrigued by it’s possibilities.

In the space of 10 days, they stripped, sanded, painted, fitted & refitted the old dear, turning her into a sexy Dorshi Yatai ready to serve up the masses. So that’s where they are now. Still pounding the pavements, but also gracing some bigger music festivals in 2014. Still doing some mind-boggling pop-ups which have led to catering some unusual wedding/office/birthday parties.

Next time on Dorshi: True Story

  • Is a Dorshi HQ on the cards?
  • Sriwatcha? SRIRACHA! Bottling the best damn chilli sauce this side of the valleys.
  • Or will J give it all up to return to his former modelling career?

Stay tuned as the Dorshi Story continues…